LOveLy ME ^^

LOveLy ME ^^

TeMAn2 ku ^^


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

YoU KnoW wHAt, YoU Are REaLLY SPeCiAL To ME !!

story nih ditujukan khas kepada Faies Bin Mohd NAsiR .
TuNanG keSaYanGAn ku...

 .. hE is ReaLLy fUNny GUy, CuTE ^^ (KaWAii )
Mature and uNdeRsTAnding GUy ..
MOst IMPORTANT He Love ME reaLLy mUchh ..

ITs HArd For ME to Believe That I meEt this GUy with MY Best friend and also his Best Friend .
We Meet After WE broke UP with our LOVEr ... 
YANG paling PeNting Aku ditemukan DGN dia Selepas AKU betul2 dikecewakan SeSEorg ..

you KNOW what .. 
i ALways pray that i will meet somebody that LOVE me MORE like he LOVE his LIFE ..
and at that TYME this guys appear in my LIFE and HE promises ME that he will never hurt my heart and never disappointed my feeling .

we MEET at KEMAMAN.. hehe HE PROPOSES me ( emm not married , for couple hehe ^^ )
 in Front of BSN ..

WHile Waiting our best friend Park Her car .. hehe funny itsn't ??
but THIS is the way that we MEET..

what IS SPecial AbOUt HIM ..
HE always take CARe about me SO much and LOVE me so MUCH ..
that WHAT he SAID ..

i ALways BElieve HIM ..
101 % trust him..

i really don't need anyone .. because MY life COMPLETE when he always BESIDE me ..

although WE really don't have a lot of picture together .. BUT our heart STill TOGETHER ...
forever and ever BABE ^^

Huney, Thank for BEing suCH a nice COuple FOR me .. you are so meant to me ...
oUR LOVE will always STRONG ..
no Matter WHAT happeN ..^^

and WE Are GEtting Married sooN ...
mood : excited + happy .

this is my HUBBY ..
really HANDSOME rite ..
but HIS mine ...

emm his mine forever ..^^
you guys, 
what make me so touching with him 
he said, in his life he really thankful b'coz meet someone like me.
he also said he only want ME in his life ..
COZ im everything to HIM ...

sad + touching to heard that world came through his mouth .
unbelievable ..

b'coz, i LOVE him VERY much ..
i'll do anything to make him HAPPY .

SEKARANG, dia mengakui yang DIA betul2 menyayangi dan MENCINTAI aku..
this is MY real FAIES .. <3

this is his new hair .. cute kan ... 
his body getting bigger now .. heheh but i don't mind coz i not loving him b'coz of his LOOK ..
but i loving HIM b'coz of his way ..

i love HIM in just the way he was ..

hehehe now picture he with his laptop ..
everything white in colour ..

nice ^^ love this guy ..

heheh he smiling face make me feel calm..
true ..
he is everything to me ..

dia juga la penawar kepada sakit ku ..

haa .. heheh cukup2 story about my hubby ..
t aku citer lagi k..^^

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