LOveLy ME ^^

LOveLy ME ^^

TeMAn2 ku ^^


Wednesday, 29 June 2011

WhaT I liKE MOst ??

hYe ALL,

heheh my topic today, wat i like most in my life ..FIRST and foremost .. I really like the moST in my LIFE is
Him .. hahah 

love U faies !! <3

ooopss , i talk about thing not person .. heheh okeh .. what the most THINGS I like in my life ??
first thing is I really LOVE cat .. haha MEOWWWW .. ^^

cute rite :)

Then, when we talk about color.. opcos everybody have their own choice rite ??
so do I .. hehe i love all color .. but THE MoST I liKe is PUrPLe ..(ungu)
addict with that color ... hahahah

purple MAke Me FeeL .. OMG!! I love MYSELF .. it make me feel the way i am..
look lovely and SweET .. ^^p ..
  purple is Soft and LOveLY .. <3

Third ,
i love BUttERFly .. LOVE it so MUCh ..
you know what !! all my earing are in butterfly shape .. hahah
so cute(KAWAii )
damn really addict with that .. kalau waktu tgh shopping aku jupe bentuk nie .. waaa .. aku terus jdi giler .. hahah (not MeNtal Problem la) heheh jadi geram n ase nak beli .. kebanyakkan nye .. yang ade bentuk rame2 nie .. cm bantal, earing o aksesori wanita lah .. hehheh
really Cute Rite ?? Colourfull gitu .. haha =)

ohh I also Love FresH flowers,.. NIe pengaruh citer NORA ELena lah .. hahahah watever it is .. Fresh FLower is really beautiful ..

i love LILY flower and roses .. most like RED roses.. huhu ..
its shows, LOVE when somebody give RED rose .. 
1 Red ROSe means u are THE one.
2 Red RoSe means u and Me love each Other .
3 Red ROse means I LOVE YOU .
then A lot of roses means What ??
hahah banyak maksudnya .. p yg aku thu la dapt banyak roses merah nie maksud nya .. i LOVE YOu ForeVer and ALWAys Be yours .. =)

RomanTik nye .. ^^ hehe

..LiLy Flower ..

red roses showing us About LoVe

haa .. ade banyak tahu tak warne roses .. sume ade maksudnya sendiri .. ^^

this a the most thing I like .. OH yea ... Almost forgot .. I am A fashion LOVer and ALso CooKing LOver ..
uhuhuhu ..

alaaa da nantok la .. sok aku sambung k .. after balik keje .. uhuhuhu
nTye .. ^^

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