LOveLy ME ^^

LOveLy ME ^^

TeMAn2 ku ^^


Wednesday, 1 June 2011

BoreDD ...

Hye ALL,
today im feel sick + bored .
feel BOreD bout MY life ..

STill SAme and i always wondering ...
what ? why ? where ? when? who? and how ?
5w 1h

always playing in my MIND ..
im looking for what ?

believe it or not ..
it almost 8 month im working there ..
im trying to be the best worker's  .

but everyday im feel bored ..
i feel like i want to be free .. working without stress and moody.
happy working with him beside me ..

i don't kow why my love is very strong for him ..
everything i do, he always be the first one ..

emm i think i need some peacefullness of my life . tired .
i really need it ..

i always dreaming that day i can go to paris .. city of fashion ... n rome ... hahah
a lot of place that is really interesting .

only ME and HIM ..
together forever ..

..nieya LOVE faies FOREVER ..

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