LOveLy ME ^^

LOveLy ME ^^

TeMAn2 ku ^^


Thursday, 2 June 2011

i'M CoTToN LOveR ^^

hye ALL,


wow cotton for me is really good cloth ..
b'coz.. it is very comfortable fabric for me ... SUDAH tentu ia juga menyerap peluh ..

nice2 ^^

i also can take order ...
who want this cotton..
we have 2 type ..
japanese cotton + voile cotton

here i attached a few picture of cotton that you ALL can see..
nih gmbr cotton japanese

haaa .. cantek kan ?? heheeh

yang kat bawah nih lah contoh gmbar cotton voile

macam mane?
beminat ???

korg boleh je tinggalkan email korg kat ruangan comment o shoutbox kat sebelah kanan anda ..
then i'll follow up with u guys, regarding the price and everything u want to know ..

remember , this is only a FEW example of Cotton JApanese n Voile ..


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